Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee

Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee in Florida is the factory that produces chocolates from the cacao tree. Factory Adventure Tours at Chocolate Kingdom are daily. They make a fine family day out too. Perfect for families who are having a holiday in Florida. Bring your loved ones and experience the chocolates from the cacao tree at Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee.

Have you ever wondered how chocolate’s made? Do you know what a chocolate bar contains? Have your questions answered by booking a visit. Come and see exactly what goes into making a delicious bar of smooth chocolate too. Or even, try making your very own bar here at Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee.

Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee in Florida
Chocolate Kingdon Kissimmee

Factory Adventure Tour at Chocolate Kingdom

Book yourself onto the Factory Adventure Tour at Chocolate Kingdom and see for yourself how our chocolate is made. Showing the entire process from bean to chocolate bar. Totally engaging and exciting. Tasty samples are given out throughout the tour too. To start the tour you must have a guide right? Have the pleasure of your very own guides from Chocolate Kingdom to talk you through the tour. The guides are very friendly and at the same time informative. They can answer any question that you throw at them and smile as they do so.

Being very child friendly the tour guides also have a brilliant companion who is perfect for the job. Featuring also, Chocolate Kingdoms very own handsome Prince and his Dragon companion, making the tour fun and exciting. School field trips are often held here with handsome Prince and his Dragon. You may want to enquire before you coma and book a place in advance just in case. Altogether, a trip to Chocolate Kingdom in Kissimmee is both engaging and informative, as well as being hands on where you can craft your own chocolates too.

Factory Adventure Tour at Chocolate Kingdom


Beginning in the Cacao Tree greenhouse, you get to see where the process starts. The cacao trees here are nurtured from seedlings into fully grown cacao trees. See how the trees are cultivated and produce the fruits known as Cocoa pods. Watch the picking of the cocoa pods and be surprised by their size. Cocoa pods here are quite large, some can be almost one foot in length. They are amazing to see in their natural state and smell just wonderful.

The cacao trees are harvested and the cocoa pods are then sent to be roasted and ground down further in the factory. Heading into the main factory you can see the pods being refined into powder. The compressing machine is quite impressive and you can see it in action. This compressing process squeezes out the cocoa butter. Samples to taste are aplenty throughout the tour and are tasty and delicious too. Make the most of the samples and savour the tastes. The aromas that fill the air are sensational and will not be forgotten.

Factory Adventure Tour at Chocolate Kingdom

Create your own Chocolate Bar

Later on in the tour you have the chance to create your very own bar of chocolate to take home. You design your bar, choosing either milk, white or dark chocolate. Then you have the chance to add ingredients from a rather exciting range. Including the regular choices like nuts and fruits as well as berries. Or choose from a more adventurous range like bacon and chillies as well as peppers. You can put up to three separate ingredients into your chocolate bar. choose wisely and enjoy the take-home treat.

Having tested and tasted many of the samples as you toured through the factory tour then you should already have a good idea of which ingredients to add to your chocolate bar. Try some out of the ordinary flavours and ingredients to specialise your choice. There are so many options to crafting the perfect chocolate bar and the completed product should taste delicious. See your very own bar wrapped up and made ready to collect. All that’s left now is to take your chocolate bar home and enjoy the flavours that you created when you crafted your very own bar of chocolate.

 Create your own Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum part of the tour is very interesting with plenty to see. It follows the history of the now famous Bar-Schaked family who created the Chocolate Kingdom factory. Detailing how hard the families worked to grow and produce the Cacao trees in America. There are exciting things to see and touch in the museum too. For example, the mystical river of chocolate is popular with the children too. Fascinated by its muddy appearance and sweet taste. Take in the history of Chocolate Kingdom and appreciate where the treats have actually come from.

The museum offers displays and exhibits to peak the interest of the visitors and the design and layout of the museum does exactly that. Browse through the wonderful colours and aromas that greet you in the museum. Learn about the history of Chocolate Kingdom in Kissimmee and see the brilliant worded articles placed to explain this in an interesting way.

Museum at Chocolate Kingdom Kissimmee

Gift Shop

Don’t forget to stop at Chocolate Kingdoms Gift Shop before you leave. The hand crafted chocolates are chilled and ready for purchase. Indulge in a little chocolate heaven. Buy yourself a tasty treat too. Being reasonably priced and not too expensive either. There is a vast range of chocolate treats that you can find in the gift shop. For example, try the candied cocoa beans. They are totally scrumptious and very more-ish. The chocolate bars have varieties of ingredients, making them exciting and unique. White chocolate cranberry bars and Milk chocolate with bacon bits are just a couple. You can also purchase a mixture of  hand made chocolates at the counter. Or even purchase one of each and try the full range.

Chocolate Kingdom Gift Shop