Crayola Experience Orlando

The amazing Crayola Experience Orlando in Florida is a family friendly fun day out. Perfect for a creative family either on holiday or vacation in Florida, USA. Superbly bright and colourful, the building appeals to all children who are of a creative nature. A fantastic experience for children awaits at Crayola. Colour and design as well as create drawings and animations. Bring pictures and characters to life too, with amazing interactive technology.

Once inside the building is huge and houses many unique and diverse attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Actually, the building is 70 000 square feet to be precise and holding more than 25 engaging and separate attractions. The decor is bright, colourful and appealing. Hence why, it draws out the budding art and designers in all of us. All you have to do is explore and enjoy the experience. Why not take in a live show or two. Also, you can leave and return in the same day as long as you leave with a Crayola hand stamp.

Crayola Experience Orlando

Crayola Attractions at Crayola Experience
Crayola Attractions
Crayola Experience Orlando

Attractions at Crayola Experience Orlando

The fabulous Crayola Experience in Orlando aims to provide attractions that are both fun for the whole family as well as being hands-on. They do just that! Families are always pleased with their experience at Crayola as the staff are always friendly and polite as well as helpful as possible too.

Most of the attractions are unique and diverse as well as being fully interactive. Modern technology is apparent throughout Crayola. For example, technology can be seen through many of the attractions. There are so many attractions to see and explore. Hence the reason why, visitors usually stay for a good three to four hours of the day. Also, many returning families visit year after year, some even return more regularly than that. The range of attractions for you to test out are superb and fun. Hence the reason why, families return so often.

Activity Studio at  Crayola Experience
Activity Studio

Activity Studio, Crayola

In the activity studio at Crayola Experience Orlando, the theme changes regularly and the activities never get old. Keeping fresh ideas for the activity studio has proven very popular amongst the visitors and holidaymakers.

Designing a colourful craft with great materials is a lot of fun. For example, there are no end to the assortment of classic papers and scissors available to assist with designs here too. The area is quite large and spacious, visit the activity studio and join in the fun.

Adventure Lab, Crayola

Crayola’s Adventure Lab is a great family attraction. Grab a tablet and begin the adventure straight away. Help to rescue the adventure lab at Crayola by using detective skills. The whole family can help to solve mysterious riddles and find problem solving solutions all on the interactive tablets.

Come and join the fun at Adventure Lab and put your families skills at problem solving to the test. Can you help rescue Crayola’s lab from peril? There’s only one way to find out. Share your family knowledge and tackle the challenges set on the interactive tablets.

Adventure Lab at Crayola Experience
Adventure Lab
Art Alive at Crayola Experience Orlando
Art Alive

Art Alive, Crayola

It’s all happening in Art Alive at Crayola! What if you could draw and bring your picture to life? Here at Art Alive, that’s exactly what you can do. Imagine the possibilities! Using the tablets provided you can have hours of fun just drawing your pictures.

The pictures that you draw are digitally imported onto the huge projection screen. See your designs displayed on a huge scale. Families love the Art Alive area of Crayola and the atmosphere is amazing. To test how your projected digital image comes to life, all you have to do is touch it on the interactive projection. Totally amazing!

Be a Star, Crayola

Come along and be your very own star of the show in Be a Star at Crayola Experience Orlando. The area is colourful and treats you to a hands on experience never to be forgotten. The whole family can join in and colour in a page or two.

Then head over to the photo booth and become the star of your own coloured page. The unique experience is both fun and rewarding. Go head to head with your siblings and see what you can produce too. Be a star is an excellent attraction and is very inclusive as well.

Be a Star at Crayola Experience Orlando
Be a Star
Bluetiful at Crayola Experience

Bluetiful, Crayola

Look out for the Bluetiful exhibit as you explore Crayola. The Bluetiful is not only Crayola’s, but also, the largest crayon in the world. Weighing a whopping 1,352 pounds and measuring 4.75 metres in length, it is gigantic!

Take the unique opportunity to stop for photographs here. The size of the crayon is more apparent when you stand alongside it. Capture the beauty of Bluetiful as a memory of the Crayola Experience Orlando. Quick selfies work well with Bluetiful as a backdrop too. Also, the bright coloured decor adds a colourful element to family photographs.

Cafe Stage, Crayola

Take in a live performance on the Cafe Stage whilst you dine with the family. The show is extremely education and runs regularly on the Cafe Stage. Take advantage of the live stage show available throughout the day. Hosted by Crayola’s top scientist the live show is brilliant. Enjoy a quick snack whilst watching the live entertainment. Have you seen the show yet?

He shows the magic and scientific process of what goes into making some of the best colours for Crayola products. You really wouldn’t want to miss the show. Check the brochure for show times. With hands on demonstrations and audience participation the show is great fun. The live performance is extremely engaging and draws in willing participants to test out small experiments and get involved with the colour tests.

Cafe Stage at Crayola Experience
Cafe Stage
Characters Meet n Greets at Crayola Experience
Characters Meet n Greets

Character Meet ‘n’ Greets, Crayola

Ever the opportunist? Come along and see if you can spot one of Crayola’s colourful characters. Character Meet ‘n’ Greets are the perfect opportunities for family photographs. Take a snap with one of Crayola’s lovable characters as they stroll around the centre. There are plenty of the Crayola Crayon Characters at the centre and they are easy to spot by their beautiful vibrant colours.

They are extremely friendly and just love being stopped for questions and selfies. Children can enjoy chatting with the Crayola characters and finding out about them. Finding them hard to spot? Be sure to check out the brochure for where and when to see the crayon characters.

Color Magic, Crayola

Enjoy fabulous Color Magic at Crayola in Orlando. Being another great attraction that is popular too. Here you can design a character and then watch it come to life before your eyes. Both magical and satisfying at the same time. Find a seat at the color magic area and get started.

Take your time to draw and colour your own picture.The whole family can join in the fun too. When you are happy with your design then you can get ready for the next step in the process. Color magic is quite immersive and very hands on. Take your image to the scanner and upload a copy. Once uploaded, use the touch screen technology computer to bring the drawn character to life. Before your very eyes, in stunning and visual augmented reality, give your character life! Even add backdrops and colours along the way. Great family fun!

Color Magic at Crayola Experience
Color Magic
Color Playground at Crayola Experience
Color Playground

Color Playground, Crayola

Designed with bright and vivid colours, see the Color Playground at Crayola and try out the climbing frames. Set over two stories in height the Color Playground is perfect for letting off steam between exploring the centre. Families can climb the structures and swing off the bars. As well as meeting other families to share the fun with. The playground is perfect for families with young children. Let them play and exercise in-between attractions.

Scale through the netted bridge and climb to the top of the window. ascend the interior and begin the adventure again. Make your way up inside the giant crayon and reach the top. Or you can race around the outside and burn off some energy. colourful and exciting at the same time. Have you climbed the crayon yet?

Colossal Caddy, Crayola

Head towards the Colossal Caddy in the heart of the Crayola at Orlando. Being classed as the ultimate colouring station is an understatement. The caddy really is gigantic and holds multiple thousands of crayola crayons ready to be used.

Grab a seat and get started straight away. there are masses of papers and crayons at the caddy for you to draw for hours on end. Be aware that the Colossal Caddy gets quite busy during peak season though. Look for the opportunity to take a seat!

Colossal Caddy at Crayola Experience
Colossal Caddy
Cool Moves at Crayola Experience
Cool Moves

Cool Moves, Crayola

One of the best and most visited attractions at Crayola Experience Orlando is the Cool Moves attraction. Being very popular and in demand too. Here you get to dance and jump as well as burn off some energy with a twist.

As you move and dance, so too does the character in front of you on the projected screen. Test out what the character is capable of copying from you and get started. Another attraction that the whole family can enjoy together.

Crayon Factory Show, Crayola

Take in a live show and watch the demonstration at Crayon Factory Show. Featuring both Scartlet and Turk, Crayola’s lovable animated crayon characters as well as a top class crayonologist. Clever crayonologists make crayons for Crayola and are happy to reveal a few secrets.

Using factory machinery and equipment to help with the demonstration, watch how crayons are really made. There’s a lot of excitement around the Crayon Factory Show as the process of making crayons is revealed.

Crayola Crayon Factory
Crayola Crayon Factory
Crayola Drip Art
Drip Art

Drip Art, Crayola Experience Orlando

The wonderful Drip Art is a family favourite at Crayola. Who doesn’t want to play around with melted crayons? Grab yourself a piece of paper and start creating your swirly masterpiece to take home. Using melted down wax and a spinning technique to begin creating.

Watch as the colours flick and spin into exciting patterns right before your very eyes. Choose several colours and mix them up in a whirly design too. can you get the colours to dance on your paper? Have a try with the Drip Art.

Kaleidoscope, Crayola

Design an amazing Kaleidoscope of pattern and colour. Use yourself to assist with a cool creation. And, when you’re finished send it to your email address. How cool is that? For example, both fully interactive and latest technology help to email the kaleidoscope to you.

Putting yourself in the design is a unique feature and has become very popular with the teens. Hence the reason why, teenagers head straight for kaleidoscope with their phones, ready to receive that all important email too.

Kaleidoscope at Crayola Experience Orlando
Melt and Mold at Crayola Experience Orlando
Melt and Mold

Melt & Mold, Crayola

look out for Melt and Mold at Crayola. It is a fantastic opportunity for the family to design and create their very own trinket to take home. Find a station and choose your crayons to begin your designing. Think about what you want to create too. For example, you can make yourself a fabulous ring to wear. 

Alternately, you can design and make a fantastic racing car to take home too. Also, you can design and create a crayola character of your very own to keep forever. The choice is yours.

Meltdown, Crayola Experience Orlando

Get yourself to Meltdown and enjoy creating a painting from pure melted wax. Melted wax makes and amazing paint to apply on paper. It is both thick and gloopy, yet paints on perfectly smooth. Choose one of the design templates if you fancy. Or you can sketch out your very own template to paint on.

Take your template and choose your melted wax colours to start applying your paints. Create yourself a melted wax, painted masterpiece to take home and keep forever.

Meltdown at Crayola Experience Orlando
Modeling Madness at Crayola Experience Orlando
Modeling Madness

Modeling Madness, Crayola

Visit Modeling Madness for a fun time. Mold and model fantastic designs with Crayolas’ magical modeling clay. Sculpt away with the tools available to make your own unique model. There is no time limit on creativity here so relax and enjoy the experience.

Inspiration is all around you. All you need to create your own model is the clay and tools provided and a little spark of your own imagination. Get happy with the clay and design and sculpt away.

Paint Palette, Crayola

Enjoy time spent at the Paint Palette where you can paint to your hearts content. There are tables laden with colourful paints as well as paper, pencils and brushes. Everything you need to get started on painting. try mixing up your colours and making a new colour of your own too.

Mix yourself up a treat of colours and start painting straight away. The paints are all washable so spillages are nothing to worry about. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

Paint Palette at Crayola Experience Orlando
Paint Palette
Rainbow Rain at Crayola Experience Orlando
Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain, Crayola

Try out the Rainbow Rain experience at Crayola and enjoy using the latest technology to create a screen of rainbow coloured rainfall. Watch the melted crayon wax rolling cascading down screen as you raise your hands to summon the rain.

Simply stand in position facing the screen and select your colours from the selection. Move around and watch the colours as they start rolling as you command them. Don’t forget to take a selfie of your experience too.

Rockin’ Paper, Crayola

Visually exciting, is the new Rockin’ Paper exhibit at Crayola. Again, featuring the latest technology  to see your picture come to life and dance along to music. You need to draw your picture first on the special paper provided. Add a fantastic design with the stunning colours too.

Then upload your picture, using the technology provided. Select a tune to accompany your picture and get ready. You then get to see your beautiful neon picture dancing and rockin’ on the screen before your very eyes.

Rockin' Paper at Crayola Experience Orlando
Rockin’ Paper
Say Crayola at Crayola Experience Orlando
Say Crayola

Say “Crayola!”

Get vocal and visit Say “Crayola!” for a whole new experience at the Orlando experience. The whole family can enjoy the green screen experience to create a family photograph to treasure forever. The green screen is inside the photo booth at Say “Crayola!” and you can choose from multiple backdrops.

Select your background and then put yourselves into the photograph. Take the ultimate family selfie from inside the booth and print out your picture to take your memories home.

Scribble Square, Crayola

Aimed for the younger audience, Scribble Square is an area to happily scribble away. Armed with a colourful selection of chalks you can scribble and draw on the chalk-able surfaces here. Also, featuring dry-wipe board surfaces too. Choose from a variety of coloured dry-wipe pens and get decorating the area.

Moments away from created a masterpiece from either chalk or dry-wipe pens. Let your children express themselves through drawing and sit back and relax as they enjoy the scribbling and creativity.

Scribble Square at Crayola Experience Orlando
Scribble Square
Stomp and Play at Crayola Experience Orlando
Stomp and Play

Stomp and Play, Crayola

Engaging and energetic is the Stomp and Play area of Crayola. Test out the interactive stomp mat that colours as you walk or jump as well as stomping, of course. Anyone can join in the game and get creative with their feet too. Also, there are interactive games that you can play on the floor too.

Use your feet to stomp on the floor and watch as it changes colours and flashes under your feet. You can dance on the floor and you can skip and jump too. Try it all out with interactive technology to activate the floor mat.

Toddler Town, Crayola

Exactly what it states here, Toddler Town is a play area for the younger audience. Free from the energy of teens and older siblings in this relaxed area designed for toddlers to enjoy. Featuring a miniature climbing activity and various other hands-on experiences, Toddler Town is colourful and fun as well as engaging.

Let your toddlers have the freedom of the play area to run off a little steam of their own. Whilst colourful activities are attention grabbing, they are also educational too. Toddler Town is fantastic toddler fun.

Toddler Town at Crayola Experience Orlando
Toddler Town
Trading Post at Crayola Experience Orlando
Trading Post

Trading Post, Crayola

At the Trading Post, you can upgrade your Crayola experience with a small additional fee. That being said, the area if fantastic and full of crafting stations to enjoy. You don’t have to be creative to enjoy crafting here either. Featuring a sand art station, you can model sands into fantastic sculptures with the help of water.

At the fabric crafting station, you can enjoy using textiles and fabrics to create a piece of material fun. Also, at the Trading Post there are treats to purchase. Selling delicious sweets and confectionery to take home too.

Wrap it Up, Crayola

A trip to the Wrap It Up station at Crayola, means that you will have a crayon to wrap and take home. Not just any old crayon though, one that you can personalise and make your very own label for. Design and create your very own crayon label at the station and personalise the deign to suit your taste.

See the wrapping machine in action as it takes your label and wraps a crayon for you to take home. Personalised crayons are a brilliant idea for schools and siblings. Or you could just design the one and keep it as a memory from your trip to Crayola.

Wrap It Up at Crayola Experience Orlando
Wrap It Up
You Design at Crayola Experience Orlando
You Design

You Design, Crayola

Two fantastic opportunities at the same attraction. You design at Crayola is a would be designers dream come true. You can start with choosing from either a fashion design or a car design. Add colours and personalise your chosen design. Once you are happy with your creation, then you can begin the scans. Latest technology is helpful and allows you to scan and upload your designed car or fashion wear. Head for the large screen and watch as your deign celebrates it’s 15 seconds of fame.

The racing car will glide along the track on the screen to show off your cool design. Alternatively, you can watch a catwalk model showing off your fashion wear design too. A terrific moment to see your design living the dream. Don’t forget to take a picture with the camera to capture your design forever. Treasure your memories and remember your experience at Crayola Experience Orlando.

Crayola Experience Orlando Gift Store

The Crayola Gift Store is huge and sells a wide range of memorabilia to treasure your memories in a take-home keepsake. They are reasonably priced too. With a huge range of colourful tee shirts, thy will always have your size. From golden yellows to sky blues, the range is visually impressive.

Crayons and felt tip pens as well as accessories to match are available. For example, pencil cases and rulers as well as sharpeners can be purchased here too. Unique memorabilia, such as postcards and key rings as well as trinkets can be bought from the store as well. Shopping has never been so much fun and with a huge range to choose from, pleasing the family is easily done at the gift store. Take something special home today!

alt="Crayola Gift Store at Crayola Experience Orlando"
Crayola Gift Store
Cafe Crayola at Crayola Experience
Dining at Cafe Crayola

Crayola Experience Orlando Dining

Family dining at Crayola Experience Orlando is found at the Cafe Crayola. With a menu based on American fast foods, which are reasonably priced too. Typically there are a few choices here. For example a family can share a 16″ pizza and a round of fountain drinks for under £20.

Alternatively, there are hot dogs and individual pizzas as well as a range of open sandwiches. Sides are available and special dietary requirements are taken into account. For example the menu offer gluten free foods too. Beverages are also on the menu, although the choice can be limiting for some.