Discovery Cove Orlando

Amazing Discovery Cove Orlando is a superb family attraction here in Florida. Nature and animal fans will love this park too! Discovery Cove Orlando is a real hidden gem. For example, it’s like a tropical paradise, featuring sandy white beaches and hidden springs. As well as lagoons of tempting crystal blue waters too. Bottlenose dolphins are by far the largest attraction at Discovery Cove Orlando. Hence why, people travel the globe to swim with the dolphins here. Also, you can get up close and pet them too. The entire Discovery Cove experience is fantastic and almost everything is including with the admission. For example, food and beverages throughout the day. As well as, equipment hire for snorkelling and swimming too.

Also, included is unique sunscreen for use in the animal habitats. Special upgrades can be purchased to maximise experiences with the animals too. Well worth a visit and very satisfying. Being part of the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment chain. Hence why, Discovery Cove has ‘Aquatica Orlando’ as well as ‘SeaWorld Orlando’ sister parks too.

Discovery Cove Orlando in Florida
Discovery Cove Orlando

Swim With Dolphins

Reservations must be made in advance to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove. Swim with a partner like no other. Bottlenose dolphins are very intelligent creatures and extremely beautiful ones too. Perfect family experience, that will never be forgotten. Seeing and petting dolphins is a unique experience. Swimming with dolphins tops the charts! Lasting a whole half hour the experience is amazing too. Hence why, swimming with dolphins is so popular at Discovery Cove.

Firstly you have to get to know your dolphin. For example, pet your dolphin with a trainer in the shallow waters. Once you have spent time getting acquainted, hold on to the fin atop the dolphin and let your journey begin. For example, the dolphin will then swim with you holding on. Explore deeper waters together as well as living the dream. Also, you can choose to swim with sharks at Discovery Cove. Feeling more daring and adventurous? Swimming with a shark in the deepest part of their habitat is totally awesome.

Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove Orlando

Serenity Bay at Discovery Cove

Beautiful Serenity Bay is an exclusive and secluded bay, hidden in the tropical paradise of Discovery Cove Orlando. With temperatures reaching a staggering 85 degrees, the water is perfect for a refreshing swim. Also, Serenity Bay is a perfect spot for snorkelling under the waters too. Crystal and clear blue waters are breathtaking and Tropical beautiful too. See the cascading falls of water flowing off the rocks. Don’t forget the camera too. Memories of Serenity Bay, kept and treasured forever.

The relaxing bay is heavenly as well as being tranquil and peaceful. The vibrant coloured fish can be seen from the shores too. Exciting for both children and adults, the beach of pure white sands can keep a family together and relaxed for hours. Take advantage of tropical Serenity Bay and bring the snorkelling gear with you.

Serenity Bay at Discovery Cove Orlando

Tropical Bird Aviary at Discovery Cove

A tropical paradise would not be complete without a tropical bird aviary. Hence the reason why, Discovery Cove has one of the high standard aviaries. Home to a beautiful array of different species of parrots. Vibrant and stunning colours are on show as the birds fly and chirp all around you. There are so many visually stunning birds here too. Sun kissed yellows and gorgeous greens as well as vibrant red and blue colours are a feast on the eyes.

Listen and take in the harmonious chatter of the birds communicating. All of your senses take in the sights and sounds that the parrots make. Watch them flutter and flap around before your very eyes. See them feeding and nurturing their young in their natural habitat at Discovery Cove. Hours could easily be passed here just watching the aerial display of the attractive tropical birds.

Explorers Aviary at Discovery Cove Orlando

Grand Reef at Discovery Cove Orlando

Snorkel and swim around the Grand Reef and see the displays of colourful fish around you. A beautiful family experience it is too. Under the waters of clear blue and the colours f the reef being perfectly visible. Home to brightly coloured fish from a variety of marine species too. The stunning Angelfish are everywhere and swim very close to you. Elegant Velvet Wrays glide through the clear waters and entice you to explore.

There are multiple different routes to take, with coves and inlets that reveal more stunning marine life of equally vibrant colours. There are so many features with the Grand Reef exploration and snorkelling is the best way to maximise the adventure.

Grand Reef at Discovery Cove Orlando