Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland Orlando in Florida
Gatorland Orlando in Florida

Opening hours at Gatorland Orlando are 10:00 am until 18:00 pm every day of the week, whether it rains or not.

Gatorland in Florida

Spend an awesome family day exploring Gatorland Orlando, also known as the famous ‘Alligator Capital of the World’. See the alligators and crocodiles as they live their days in the breeding marshes of Gatorland. Ranging in all different shapes and sizes, there are plenty of opportunities to see newly born gators and crocs. Also, check out the larger sized maturing reptiles as well as the fully matured alligators and crocodiles. Some of whom, can grow to around 15 feet in length. Gatorland Orlando is very fairly priced too. For example, you can purchase a family day pass, which includes two adults and two children for around £78. Even wheelchair and pushchairs can be hired here too. There are discounts to be had as well. For example, booking online through Gatorland’s website sees a discount of around £2.35 per person.

Rare White Leucistic Alligator
The rare White Leucistic Alligator

Also, Gatorland Orlando boasts about having the white leucistic alligators living in their breeding marshes. Leucistic alligators are a very rare species indeed. What a superb opportunity to see them up close and thriving too. Featuring many other attractions at the park too. Besides the famous crocodiles and alligators. For example, there is ‘Screamin’ Gator Zipline’ and ‘Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure’, which are both awesome fun and great entertainment value. Check out ‘Free Flight Aviary’ to see the birds in flight as well as, many ‘Animal Shows’ on offer at the park too. Also, look out for the ‘Petting Zoo’, where you can get hands-on with the animals as well as, the brand new in 2018 ‘Panther Springs’ too. All here at the worlds alligator capital, Gatorland Orlando!

Dining at Gatorland Orlando

Pearl's Good Eats Dining at Gatorland
Pearl’s Good Eats Smokehouse & Dining

With several good choices for food and refreshments there are plenty of dining facilities at Gatorland. The dining facilities range from the fabulous Pearl’s Good Eats Smokehouse to the handy Snack Bar and Coffee Shop, as well as the General Store and a sweet shop called the Fudge Kitchen. You can purchase a variety of delicious foods from any that you can consume on the go. Although, two establishments have both indoor and outdoor seating for plated meals too.

Pearl’s Good Eats Smokehouse smells fabulous from the park and serves a mouthwatering range of cooked food. This includes the famous Gator Nuggets as well as the classic burgers and hot dogs too. The Snack Bar serves light lunches and a range of snacks, such as popcorn and pretzels as well as ice creams. The Fudge Kitchen sell delicious home made fudges and confectionery to take home. Grab a hot drink like coffee, tea or even hot chocolate from the Coffee Shop to take away. Lastly, visit the General Store to buy trinkets and souvenirs to take home as well as wrapped snacks and beverages too.

Free Flight Aviary at Gatorland

Free Flight Aviary at Gatorland
Free Flight Aviary

See the beautiful and colourful birds, right here in their own Free Flight Aviary. There are budgerigars of all colours and varieties housed happily here. You can hear the chirping and tweeting from quite far back and the sounds draw you in for a peek. There are more beautiful birds to see too. Housing very fine Amazon Parrots and Mackaws of both Blue and Golden variety as well as Cockatoos. You can feed the birds with special foods that you can obtain through the attendants. The birds love the honey and nut seeded sticks.

Located in the Parrot Playground, listen to them chatter away with the visitors to Gatorland. Also, taking in and re-homing rescue animals happens here too. There is an extremely beautiful Great Horned Owl, named Athena whom you must visit. Also, there are Flamingos roaming free on Flamingo Island as well as Emus located inside the Emu Enclosure too.

Panther Springs at Gatorland

Panther Springs at Gatorland
Panther Springs

Brand new in the Summer of 2018 is Panther Springs at Gatorland Orlando. See the most beautiful hybrid panther species of wild cat in their brand new pad here. They are stunning and adorable to look at and very photogenic too. Crossed between Florida Panthers and Western Cougars, they are truly  remarkable.

Being natural carnivores, they like to hunt for their own meat to eat. Sometimes on really hot days, they are supplemented with bloodsickle ice snacks. Which is basically, frozen animal blood. Watch them sprawl and play in their own habitat. More often than not, they can be seen frolicking and bathing as well as hunting for for fish in their pond waters. Not being the only wildcats at Gatorland Orlando, they have neighbouring Florida Bobcats living nearby too. Also, check out the Bobcat Bayou.

Petting Zoo at Gatorland

Petting Zoo at Gatorland Orlando
Petting Zoo

Get up close to the animals in the Petting Zoo here. The animals are so cute and friendly that you just can’t help yourself from touching and petting them. There are goats and llamas as well as tortoises to touch and feed too. They eat right out of your hands, which is an amazing experience. The animals here are all herbivores too, meaning that they only eat, leaves and vegetation as well as fruits and vegetables.

They just nuzzle their noses and mouths on the palm of your hand and gently accept the offering. All the while allowing you to stroke and pet their coats. Some are extremely fleecy and feel soft, whereas the tortoises feel hard and scaly on their shells. Love by many visitors, the petting zoo is very popular and a true family experience. Make the most of Gatorland Orlando and spend some quality filled family time with the adorable animals in the petting zoo.

Screamin’ Gator Zip Line at Gatorland

Screamin' Gator Zipline at Gatorland Orlando
Screamin’ Gator Zip Line

Take a plunge on the wonderful Screamin’ Gator Zipline here at Gatorland Orlando. It is both an amazing and thrilling high wire zip line experience that crosses right over the alligators and crocodiles below. There are launch pads of varying levels to choose from on each tower. The highest one being over seven stories in height. 

There’s a total of five separate zip lines stretching over 230 to 500 feet across the park. From the sky you can look down at the reptile creatures below you as you begin your descent. You can glide through the park above the alligator breeding marsh as well as the Nile crocodiles too. See the beauty of Gatorland Orlando from around 65 feet in the air, high above the tree tops. The rush of wind is exhilarating as you soar down the lines. There are height as well as weight restrictions in place on the zip lines to be aware of. You have to be at least one metre or 37″ tall to use the lines. Also you cannot weigh more than 275 pounds, which is around 19 stone.

Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure at Gatorland

Gator Off-Road Adventure at Gatorland Orlando
Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure

Ride on the back of the fabulous monster truck for the Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure. Be prepared for a rather bumpy ride. Climb aboard the monster truck and take the tour around Gatorland Orlando that lasts roughly a quarter of an hour. It is a magnificent experience and you get to see parts of the park that are only accessible through the tour too.

The off-road tour is both engaging and exciting for the visitors here. The trucks splash through the swampy terrains as well as climbing up and down the hills. You pass through some terrific never seen before scenery and have photograph opportunities to snap hundreds of lurking alligators too. During most of the season the tour guides are full of energy and good spirits, they have been known to belt out tunes on occasions too. Don’t be afraid to ask the guides  questions either, they are very knowledgeable as well as friendly. Very exciting!