Kissimmee Ghost Tours

Kissimmee Ghost Tours in Florida

Opening hours for Kissimmee Ghost Tours start at 19:00 pm and Close at 21:00 pm every evening of the week. Weather permitting.

Spooky goings on are taking place on the Kissimmee Ghost Tours. Join us as we travel through the world of spirits and unknown to uncover the supernatural history of Kissimmee’s very own ghosts.. Lasting for a spine chilling 90 minutes, the tour is excellent and informative. Forget the rumours, see and listen for yourselves to the disturbing and harrowing mysterious tales that define Kissimmee’s past. There have been murders that rocked the town and some seriously spooky goings on. Come and join us on a ghost tour never to be forgotten. Travelling through the famous Downtown area of Kissimmee.

The pace is gentle and comfortable, which is more than can be said for the spooky alleyways and darkened streets walked along. Especially due to the nature of the tour, where unexplained events and strange stories as well as tales of mayhem are the topic. Most famous are the tales of the ‘Headless Horseman’ who rides the dark and shadowy streets at night, still to this day. Also, see the empty playground with swings that are in motion all by themselves….or is it the ‘Girl’. People say she played here before her untimely death. Visit the haunted ‘Hanging Tree’ where the dead are unsettled and still roam. Hear the legacy of the cattle driving ‘Crackers’ and listen to the stories of horror that they left in their wake. 

Costing being very reasonable makes this tour quite appealing to the tourists. For instance, adults pay $19 or 15 UK pounds. Children aged between eight and twelve pay only $9 or 7 UK pounds. Also, children aged seven or under go free (as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult).

Guided Tours

Kissimmee Ghost Tour Guide
Ghost Tour Guide

Meet the fabulous guides who will take you on a journey like no other! All guides of the tour are local to the area and are extremely knowledgeable about the history of Kissimmee’s supernatural behaviour. They are extremely informative and great at setting the scene, building the tension and answering questions. Before getting started, cameras are encouraged as you never know when you might have that paranormal experience to capture the moment forever. Look through a spooky catalogue of explainable photographs, taken on the very paths that the tour walks.

As well as the main tour, there are several packages that can also be reserved, depending on what you are looking for. For example, daytime tours are more popular with families who have small children. School group tours are very popular with the education setting. Couples can book private tours and families can have a chaperone for every fifteen guests. Also, for a minimum of ten adults, you could book the midnight tour, which is said to be extremely spooky too.

Upon arrival at the start of the tour, refreshments are available for purchase, as well as, a meet and greet with the tour guide. At 19:00 pm the tour leads you through the dimly lit alleys and streets of Downtown Kissimmee. Tales of history and hauntings are told at each stopping point and photograph opportunities are frequent. Listen to the scary recounts from the guides and find out the history of Kissimmee’s murky past. For example, the Civil War stories are particularly harrowing and spooky. Also, the old library was known for supernatural happenings and can be quite hair-raising too. Make your way to the haunted lake where sightings of ghost ships and their crews happen often. Chilling visits to the courthouse and the cafe are also full of the unexpected.