Orlando Water Theme Parks

Orlando Water Theme Parks - Aquatica at Seaworld Orlando
Orlando Water Theme Parks – Aquatica at Seaworld Orlando
Flamingo Water Resort Orlando
Flamingo Water Resort Orlando

Where can we cool off and still have a family fun day out in Florida? This common question provoked a response as you may not be aware of the sheer amount of water theme parks in Florida. Orlando has more than a fair share of water style theme parks and they are all amazing. Visit the Orlando Water Theme Parks for a fantastic family day out, splashing and cooling off in the aqua fun attractions. Of all the water parks explore by our team, we haven’t found any that lacked anything; they were all exceptional, accommodating and exciting.

Having such a great range of water parks is an understatement! Orlando has several Water Theme Parks that are totally amazing and should be explored! Splash and lunge into cool pools with the family in tow at one of the many water resorts in Orlando. Also, as with water resorts, Flamingo Water Resort is very popular and has so many aqua slides and pools to choose from once you arrive. Take the family and friends for a vacation like no other.

Water Theme Parks – Where to go first?

Universal's Volcano Bay Florida
Universal’s Volcano Bay Florida

Universal Orlando Resort has a brand new water theme park called ‘Volcano Bay‘, Totally amazing! Also, an amazing  park with brand new features and attractions as 2018 saw the first opening. Holiday makers and vacationers came in their thousands to test out the water attractions. Discover what aqua family fun can be like in Orlando, Florida. Children will love the water theme parks and be yearning to return. Dive and swim with the youngsters in the waters of Orlando, as well as, riding and sliding to the bottom, making spectacular water entrances to the pools below.

Disney's Blizzard Beach
Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World Resort Florida has two separate water theme parks. One being ‘Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon‘, which is out of this world and can easily entertain a family through the entire day. The second water park being ‘Disney’s Blizzard Beach‘, which is featuring some spectacular water themed rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Both water parks are extremely fun and as we have come to expect from Disney, action packed with their own signature rides too. Constantly improving and moving with the times, Disney has excellent water attractions too.

SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando

As well as, the major players SeaWorld Orlando is a top tourist location to visit and explore. With so many attractions to see and engage with; it really is begging a visit. A day at SeaWorld Orlando will be a lasting memory for life. For example, swimming with dolphins and feeding the seals will never be forgoton. Also, brand new at Seaworld is the Aquatica Waterpark, which reporters say is phenomenal and outstanding. Slide and ride the whole day long on the water attractions here. You must stop by and explore the beautiful SeaWorld and their new water park Aquatica. Tell us what you think of the water attractions. Which water parks did you visit? What was your favourite water ride? Plan beforehand for an ultimate adventure. Get exploring the aqua fun attractions.