The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience Florida
The Holy Land Experience Florida
Holy Land Experience - Live Exhibits and Re-enactments
Live Exhibits and Re-enactments

Theatrical performances at The Holy Land Experience are a must see attraction in Orlando, Florida. See the world as it was during the Bible times and stroll around the park at your leisure. Take in all of the stimulating and engaging sights of how the world would have looked 2000 years ago. Visitors and tourists are often surprised at how good the park really is and return annually. Hence the reason why, The Holy Land Experience is always busy and satisfying. Although, not as busy as the Disney theme parks isn’t a bad thing. The Holy Land here is more relaxed and the theatrical Bible performances are just fantastic. See for yourself how wonderful the experience is and visit the Holy Land in Florida.

What’s Inside Holy Land Experience?

Opening hours start at 10:00 am until 18:00 pm every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the year. Only closing on New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day during the year. Well, once inside there is plenty to see and do. There are Live shows taking place all year round, A biblical museum to browse and a park to let off some steam. See the world as it was during the biblical times and and interact with featured exhibits and live actors between performances. The whole place is teaming with culture and is simply amazing.

Live Shows

Holy Land Experience - Live Shows
Live Theatrical Performances and Shows

Take the opportunity to get tickets to see a Live Show, the atmosphere is outstanding and the cultural performances are just amazing. For example, David: The King of Jerusalem is the story of David. Playing the boy shepherd who was shunned by his peers, he finds God and is guided through life and some troubling experiences. Also, Lazarus’ House takes you into the home of Lazarus; where you meet his adoring family and witness his upbringing. there are many more shows that are just as amazing and would be worth watching; with Holy Land ticket prices being reasonable to purchase, you should see as much as you can.