WonderWorks Orlando

Calling all Science fans! WonderWorks Orlando is a fantastic science and imagination indoor amusement park. Featuring more than a hundred exhibits and activities that are hands-on in a space of 35, 000 square feet. The sheer size of WonderWorks Orlando is phenomenal  and inside is jam packed with engaging and fun family activities. Also, dedicated to thinking through science, of course.

Great legend states that WonderWorks arrived in Florida after an accident went wrong. Scientists were trying to replicate the power of a tornado in the Bermuda Triangle. All of a sudden, the experiment went wrong, sending WonderWorks flying off and landing in Florida. Hence the reason why, the building interior and it’s exhibits appear to have landed upside down.

The Wonder Zones

WonderWorks Orlando is indeed upside down and navigation can be confusing at first. Seeing the floor above you and the ceiling underneath you is surreal. Make your way towards the tunnel of inversion and everything will be put back into perspective. Fantastic! Let the adventure of science and imagination really begin. Featuring six separate Wonder Zones all ready to be explored.