Guide to Florida Beaches

Florida beaches are some of the finest beaches in the world. With a beautiful and scenic coastline, Florida is not lacking anything at all on the seafront. Breathtaking scenery and pine trees surround most coastal beach areas, adding to the desire to visit them all.

Stunning sandy shores are of the finest quality too. Warm and enticing seas are inviting and clear. Also, providing wonderful opportunities for family fun. The Sunshine State draws in tourists from all over the world for Florida as well as it’s coastal beaches alone. Why not join us amongst some of the best coastal retreats that Florida has to offer.

Guide to Florida coastal beaches

Which Florida Beach?

Each beach in it’s own right is worth visiting. Whilst on holiday in Florida for example, Miami beach is extremely popular with holidaymakers. Lots of opportunities to sight see and even take selfies with the odd celebrities who vacation here too.

Also, Tampa Bay on the west coast demands a visit. Stunning scenery and plenty to do whilst you are here. Surfing and fishing are wonderful experiences at Tampa Bay.

Dolphins are often sighted from the shores of Clearwater beach. For a family on holiday along the coast, this must be a thrilling experience too. Come and see for yourselves how the dolphins swim and play, whilst you soak up the sun. They became so popular in fact, that boat trips were soon organised to get tourists closer viewing opportunities. Perfect for photographing those Florida dolphins.

Daytona Beach Florida

Miami Beach Florida

Anna Maria Beach Florida