Guide to Florida Wildlife

Wildlife is abundant in Florida and there is all manner of weird and wonderful animals and creatures. This guide to Florida Wildlife is aimed to help you admire the beauty from the creatures that can be found, as well as, reassure you which animals may be best to avoid. For example, there are ways in Florida to view dangerous animals from a safe distance. Parks and reserves here in Florida allow you to see animals in their natural habitats, but safely. Out in the wild could be a different matter. Encountered creatures and animals in their wild habitats could become dangerous. Take care when exploring and be mindful about what animals may be lurking around each corner.

You do not have to venture far in Florida to see alligators in the wild and approaching them would be a serious mistake. Snakes are in abundance and deadly venomous snakes reside here too.

Florida Wildlife Manatees
Guide to Florida Wildlife - Warthogs
Guide to Florida Wildlife - Alligators