Travel Guide to Anna Maria Island

Follow our travel guide to Anna Maria Island and discover paradise on your family vacation here. The beautiful Anna Maria Island is paradise in its natural form; a rare hidden gem with its immaculate sandy beaches and untainted natural beauty. Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island is well worth checking out for that relaxing and laid-back family vacation. With seven miles of island stretching across Florida’s Manatee County, there are so many places with historical and cultural significance to visit and discover.

There are no tall buildings or skyscrapers to spoil the panoramic views… just tropical beaches, breath-taking scenery and beautiful towns and cities to explore. Intentionally kept this way to preserve Florida’s old ways of life. Still inhabited by its friendly local residents, Anna Maria Island is known as to be a quiet place. However, there are plenty of vacation homes scattered across the island for holiday makers and vacationers alike to share the laid-back lifestyle and culture that is embedded here.

Anna Maria Island - Florida Gulf Coast

Anna Maria Island Hotspots and Wildlife

The coastal road called Gulf Drive is a wonderfully scenic ride. Plus, it brings together the whole of Anna Maria Island via one stretch of seven-mile road. You can get to all three of Anna Maria Island’s major cities from Gulf Drive. Including; Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and the islands namesake capital city of Anna Maria too. Plenty of coastal towns and hubs adorn the island as well and there are two free methods of transport that service the length and breadth of Anna Maria Island. These are the Island Beach Monkey Bus and the Anna Maria Island Trolley Bus. Both are free but do accept donations or tips for rides.

Not forgetting the wildlife that inhabit Anna Maria Island, there are some spectacular species to discover. For instance, during May to October the nesting sea turtles make the beaches their homes. In the Intracoastal waterways there are dolphins and beautiful varieties of fish and birds to see. Take advantage of the paradise island of Anna Maria and its panoramic views of wildlife and scenery… together they are utterly amazing!

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Once you arrive on Anna Maria Island, what do you do first? Unpack, explore or relax? Don’t worry… once unpacked there is plenty of time for the latter! There are so many places to see and activities to do, the only problem is knowing where to start. We are in the process of assembling a travel friendly guide of what Anna Maria Island has to offer to a typical family during their vacation or stay on the island.