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Fun Spot America Kissimmee Florida

Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Take in a theme park whilst on holiday to Florida, there are plenty to choose from. The fabulous Fun Spot America, still a family run company has two huge theme parks in Florida to visit. Situated in very desirable locations, both theme parks are close by some of Florida’s best attractions too. Fun Spot America Orlando is situated only one mile or two away from Universal Orlando Resort. The sister park, Fun Spot America Kissimmee is located less than three miles away from Walt Disney World Resort. There are more parks included with Fun Spot America, but they are more mainland and not in Florida.

All of Fun Spot America theme parks have the same motto and that is for families and guests to have ‘Safe and Clean Fun’ whilst at their parks. The two Florida sites have some amazing and thrilling rides for all of the family to enjoy. Being two separate parks means double the fun too. They are both offering different attractions from one another, making the experience vary between both parks. Could be a difficult choice, choosing Orlando over Kissimmee. Try out both and then decide which park is the best. How do you choose? Visit the two and tell us Orlando, or Kissimmee was your favourite Fun Spot America.

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America Kissimmee Theme Park

Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Park Opening hours are from 10:00 am until Midnight, every single day.

The amazing Fun Spot America Kissimmee Theme Park is brilliant! It is home to a huge amount of thrilling rides and attractions as well as food establishments and other amenities. Late night opening hours mean that the evening sky is alight with flashing and the reflective glow from the rides. It is totally beautiful to see the sky at night alight like this too. After dinner is the perfect time to visit Fun Spot America Kissimmee, when the atmosphere is electric and park is alive with cheering. Watch the racing lights thrilling visitors as they ride the attractions. Stroll around the theme park at your own leisure and take in the wonderful fairground atmosphere on your family trip, by day or night. Affordable prices too compared to some theme parks.

Roughly priced at £35 for a single day pass and in the region of £58 for a summer season pass. Summer season passes have more than one visit options. Watch for local special deals too. Fun Spot is well known for offering discounted tickets and passes. Lastly, familiarise yourself with the height restrictions that some rides feature. For safety and the park insist they they must be respected too.

Fun Spot America Kissimmee Attractions and Rides

The height Restriction for the following rides are that you have to be at least 24″or 0.6 metres tall to be able to join the ride.

Baron Planes

Baron Planes at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Fabulous Baron Planes are an aerial display plane that glide around the rotating floor. Step back in time and pilot the mock World War fighter planes. They are bright and colourful too. The short ride is perfect for the younger audience and can give parents a welcoming five minutes peace.

Take a seat and relax while the children have fun and feel the wind on their faces whilst piloting their own craft on-board Baron Planes. Feel like a real pilot as you steer your plane around the track, all you need is imagination and off you go. The authentic sounds make the flight feel realistic and the motion is slow and very child friendly too. Don’t forget to wave to to your family and friends as you circle the track.


Convoy at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Cool and sophisticated Convoy is a slow moving track motion ride, which is brightly coloured and engaging as well as being busy too. Suitable for the younger children in the family or group. The children love the convoy ride. With unique and diverse vehicles featured the choice is yours.

For example, there are fire engines and police cars as well as barbie cars and buses too. This is the perfect opportunity for parents and carers to have a sit down and enjoy the freedom for five minutes or so. The children are happily riding and all you have to do is wave to them as they pass each rotation. Don’t forget to take the camera and capture the moment too.

The following rides have a restriction to height in place for safety reasons. You have to be between 36″ or 0.91 metres tall to ride unaided.

Happy Swing

Happy Swing at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

The wonderful Happy Swing is a great ride for the whole family to join in. The slow and casual motion of the swing is suitable for younger children. Enjoy the gentle sway back and forth and the vividly coloured happy swing.

Children will love the slower motion of the swings and be perfectly relaxed on this ride too. Either watch the kids enjoy the ride or accompany the smallest ones for reassurance. Either way, the choice is yours. Take the weight off your feet for several minutes of relaxing sways to and fro. Family fun is promoted throughout the theme park too.

Kiddie Coaster

Kiddie Coaster at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Enjoy the Kiddie Coaster as it climbs and drops through twists and turns on the tracks. The ride is a low level thrill, but still great fun for the children who take the plunge. Ride at the front for a prime view of the snaking track and get ready for the dips of accelerated fun too.

The motion is both slow to climb and fast when accelerating through the track, but perfectly safe for riders too. Watch the children as they wave and cheer along the way. Sometimes the riders scream with excitement when the coaster plunges into a dip. Take photos and treasure the fun of the theme park. Be brave and take on the Kiddie Coaster for the excitement and engaging fun.

Kiddie Bumper Kars

Kid Bumper Kars at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Try out the Kiddie Bumper Kars and see if you have the skills to navigate the car around the circuit. Simply, buckle up and steer whilst accelerating with the foot pedal. See if you can make a circuit of the track without a bump. Not likely!

Race and dodge the other drivers whilst sneaking in a collision or two along the way. No doubt a great ride for the kids who enjoy the concept of a fast paced and skilful ride. Choose from a great range of vibrantly coloured cars too. There are reds and yellows as well as greens and blues plus more options. Steering can be tough at first, but gets a little easier with practise. How many drivers can you bump into?


Castlemania at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Head to Castlemania and have yourself a great time exploring the castle of fun. Themed around a castle, this dressed up house of fun is perfect for the inquisitive children who love exploring. See the children navigate their way through the maze of the castle whilst climbing through tunnels.

Plus, have fun in the ball pool. Castlemania features a slide too which is great fun to watch excited faces. The colourful castle has safety netting in place so your little ones are safe to explore and play. With bridges to cross and climbing to do, the children have so much fun that they never want to come out. Not a problem as they can go in as many times as they like!

Crazy Couch

Crazy Couch at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Hopping on the Crazy Couch guarantees amazing fun as you are sway sideways and bounce up and down. Great family fun in a place where families associate time together, on the couch. Watch as the riders are tipped from left to right and gently bumped up and down.

Enjoyment can be seen on their faces as they endure the low level thrill ride at the park too. Be sure to bring along the camera to grab a snap when they are least expecting it. A memory to take home and remember forever, the experience of the Crazy Couch ride. Perfectly safe and clean family fun of the fair.

Between 42″ or 1.06 metres is how tall you have to be to ride on the following rides and attractions.

Flying Bobs

Flying Bobs at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

See the Flying Bobs speeding around the track at a moderate pace. Children that are 36″or 0.91 metres tall are still able ride, but only with an accompanying adult. The low level thrill ride is great for the older children. Watch as the cars race around the rotating track.

Speed and accelerate over the bumps. A great ride for feeling the wind rush over your face as you navigate the circuit. Fast and engaging excitement is evident as the riders rush around the circuit of the track for fun. Hear the excitement from the riders as they cheer and scream with the speeds reached by the cars.


Screamer at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Dare you try the Screamer? This moderately rated thrill ride is appealing to slightly older children and yet some of the younger ones long to join in. Children who are 36″ (0.91m) can ride with an adult present. The towering ride climbs high up into the air slowly which is great fun. The views of the theme park are fabulous from the top as you can see for miles too. Then, hold on to your tummies because the ride drops the riders plunging towards the ground.

The tummy tickles are both exciting and yet make the riders gasp. With motion stopping and starting as the carriage then slides up and down the vertical track. Legs are seen flying outwards and excited screams can be heard from the ground below. Altogether, the Screamer is an exhilarating ride and provides a lot of entertainment. Also, it is perfect for the children who aren’t quite ready to take on some of the larger rides at Fun Spot America Kissimmee too. Take on the Screamer and enjoy the ride.

Fun Slide

Fun Slide at Fun Spot America Orlando

The giant Fun Slide is a family slide that most ages can enjoy. Smaller children of 24″ or 0.6 metres in height may ride too, if accompanied by an adult though. All children love the slides at theme parks and Fun Slide is no exception to that. With a towering height of 40 feet it stands proudly in the park. Hence the reason, for the height restrictions on the slide.

Grab a sack and make your way to the top of the slide. Once at the top, sit in your sack and get ready to glide over the gentle bumps to the bottom. With three brightly coloured lanes, races against family and friends are a great idea. Or just enjoy the breezy ride to the bottom too. The race to the bottom of the slide is sleek and smooth as well as refreshing. What’s more, when you finish, you can do it all over again as well. Happy sliding!


YoYo ride at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Take your seat on the YoYo ride and fly around the ride on an uplifting swing chair experience. The rotating swings gradually pick up momentum as the ride gets going and when in full swing they swing right out and glide through the air. High up off the ground and swinging out to the side there are wonderful views of the surrounding theme park.

Feel the wind on your face as you glide in your chairs. An exhilarating ride for sure, try out the YoYo ride for yourself and see what you can see as you swing freely over the park. Riding the YoYo is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience too.


Carousel at Fun Spot America Orlando

A family favourite at the theme park is the Carousel. Suitable for the whole family to enjoy a ride on the fabulous carousel horses too. Take a seat on top of the horse and relax and enjoy the motion as the ride rotates with gentle rises and falls in an up and downward motion. Parents can ride with their younger children too. Hence the reason why, the Carousel at Fun Spot is a family favourite.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to ride the horses there are carriages too where you can sit and still enjoy the motion of this family ride. Take a nostalgic trip back in time and ride the Carousel with your family and friends. Wave to spectators too, as you casually pass them on each rotation.


Skycoaster at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Ride the amazing SkyCoaster at Fun Spot America Kissimmee and enjoy the tallest SkyCoaster in the World. This ride is a high level thrill experience, built with the ultimate thrill seekers in mind. Dare you ride the SkyCoaster? Take your position with up to two other family members or friends at the base of the ride.

Step into the special harnessed flight suit and get ready in the carriage as you are winched up 300 feet in the air, high above the theme park. Views of the theme park and surrounding Kissimmee are beautiful. The attendant tells you over radio that you are ready to launch, seconds later you are in free flight over the park. An absolutely amazing and thrilling experience not to be missed.

46″ or 1.16 metres is the height restriction put in place for this ride, although one or two have exceptions.

Bumper Kars

Kid Bumper Kars at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Drive the fast paced Bumper Kars at Fun Spot Kissimmee and take on the challenge of racing the track without being bumped. Any children that are 36″ or 0.91 metres tall and want to ride, can do so if they are a passenger with an adult driver. Get behind the wheel and accelerate the circuit.

Aim for low impact collisions with other drivers as you navigate the steering too. The Bumper Kars are great family fun and have an atmosphere that generates the thrill seekers in all of us. Take to the circuit and glide the car around the course, showing off your driving techniques and manoeuvrability as you go. Can you score the most bumps with your driving skills?

Screaming Eagles

Screamer at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Ride the Screaming Eagles and see if you can withhold the urge to scream out. This moderate level thrill ride can catch you by surprise and make you scream. Hence the name, Screaming Eagles. Kids as small as 36″ (0.91m) tall can join the ride if accompanied by an adult too. Take your seat inside the eagle themed carriage.

Enjoy the ride as it lifts and rotates as well as dropping you with no warning on several  rotations too. Ride high in the air and expect the unexpected as you have no warning when the ride will drop you during flight. A great ride with moderate thrills, yet an enjoyable experience all the same.

As the Screaming Eagles take flight, the anticipation builds with each rotation and lift. The eagle-themed carriage adds to the excitement, immersing riders in the exhilarating experience of soaring through the air. With no warning of when the drops will come, every twist and turn keeps riders on the edge of their seats, ready for the next thrilling sensation. Despite the moderate thrills, the ride delivers an unforgettable experience that will leave riders exhilarated and eager for another flight aboard the Screaming Eagles.


Paratrooper at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Join the Paratrooper ride and get ready for a moderate thrill ride with a rotating tip and spin action. Being seated in a double chair under the shade of a parasol is like a double bluff. for example, if you think this ride is slow paced, you are mistaken. Take your seat with a friend or family member and let the fun begin.

Set on a slanted angle the rotation begins, gathering speed as it goes. the carriages themselves seem to move and rock back and forth adding to the excitement. Then without warning directional changes are made and the Paratrooper rides backwards. Altogether a speedy ride going backwards and forwards in direction. Enjoy!

Tilt A Whirl

Tilt A Whirl at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

The fabulous Tilt A Whirl ride is great family fun, if you dare to ride. Exceptions to height restrictions here are that 36 ” or 0.91 metres tall children can only ride if joined by an adult. A surprising and moderate thrill level experience can be had on the Tilt A Whirl ride as you are seated in a free spinning car on a motion ride.

The surprising feature here is that the entire floor of the ride is also spinning too. Leaving you waiting to find out when you will hit that ultimate spin acceleration. Family fun at it’s best. Enjoy the ride and try not to get too dizzy with the free spinning cars as well as the spinning floors too. Happy spinning folks!

Head Rush 360

Head Rush 360 at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

One of the major rides at Fun Spot America Kissimmee is the brilliant Head Rush 360. For safety reasons, no exceptions are made to the height requirements on this ride. This ride is a high level thrill ride, built with thrill seekers in mind. Seated in a carriage that seats eleven other passengers as well as yourself, get ready to take on the head rush.

You are elevated and swung in different directions and at some points during the experience upside down travel is to be expected. Feel the rush of wind and adrenaline as you sway through the air at a decent speed. Hence the reason why, the ride is aptly named head Rush 360.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Have a ride on the towering and dominant Ferris Wheel. One of the fairground family favourites too. An exception to the height restriction is made for kids who are 0.91 metres or 36 ” tall. That is that they may ride, but only with an adult. take a shaded carriage and relax whilst the beautiful Ferris Wheel takes you on a journey around and around. At a leisurely pace you can see the whole park from the top of the Ferris Wheel and look out over stunning Kissimmee below.

Don’t forget to look out for Old Town too. The ride is a pleasureful and relaxing experience for those who aren’t ready for the high thrill level rides at the theme park yet. Still, the Ferris Wheel here is a family favourite and always boasts to have a full attraction. Take the family sight seeing from the comfort of your seat at the very top of the ride. relax and enjoy the ride. Classic attractions like the Ferris Wheel bring families flooding in to the park, to try out old fashioned favourites.

Height restrictions applying to the following rides are set at 48″ or 1.21 metres tall.

Mine Blower

Mine Blower at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

For an ultimate high thrill level ride, come aboard the Mine Blower. Kissimmee’s wonderful wooden roller coaster is full of surprises. One of the major features here, in fact is this beautifully built wooden coaster. Take your seat in one of the cars and get ready to go.

For a prime view of the upcoming twists and turns as well as dips and plunges, grab the two leading seats if you can. The Mine Blower takes you spinning and racing at high speeds and features an exhilarating 80 foot inversion near to the beginning. See the park from upside down as you race through the tracks. Also, hold on to your stomachs as the coaster spirals and turns in front of you.


Rockstar at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Another top featuring ride is the RockStar roller coaster, set also with a high level thrill rating. Also, built to appeal to the daring natures of every thrill seeker. The RockStar coaster is fast paced and styled on the wild mouse roller coaster.

Meaning that you are in for a huge amount of high speeds and tense turns as well as stomach churning dips of accelerated excitement. Hold on to your stomachs as the RockStar coaster boasts to reach speeds high enough to allow heavy G forces as you traverse the tracks. Good luck thrill seekers!

Hot Seat

Hot Seat at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Hop on the Hot Seat and get ready for some serious high impact thrills as you ride. Hot Seat is yet another major ride located at Fun Spot America Kissimmee. Take your place as the ultimate thrill seeker and get ready for the high octane action. Once in motion, the ride uses the power of two gigantic arms to swing you like a pendulum high into the sky above. The atmosphere is electric and insatiable excitement as you rocket through the air seeing the ground below flash past you.

The angles reached are insane and bypassing 180 degrees is a certainty. Can you handle the sways of the Hot Seat. Also, listen for cries of excitement and adrenaline ringing out as the riders fly back and forth from a high elevation. This ride is not for the weak-hearted as the motion and speeds reached are phenomenal. Once your feet reach solid ground, dare you ride the Hot Seat once more?

54″ or 1.37 metres tall is the set height restriction on the following rides or smaller children of 36″ or 0.91 metres can join in if with an adult.

Chaos Track

Chaos Track at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Ride the Chaos Track and see if you are skilled enough to navigate the track that takes it name from the multi levelled madness of the track. Also, you can ride in pairs with family or friends as each go-kart features two seats. Take to the track and skilfully steer round the twists and snaking bends that are spread over varying heights and levels too.

Can you avoid collisions? Let’s hope so as you take on the Chaos Track. Also, younger children can ride the track with an adult, but are not permitted to drive the go-kart. Let Dad or Mum do the steering. For example, watch as you fly around the course and snake around the bends too.

Vortex Track

Vortex Track at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Join the riders on the Vortex Track and see if you can keep up with the speeds and acceleration of the other drivers. The Vortex Track is standing tall at 40 feet high and stretching over four stories. Ride the single seat go-karts around the circuit and see which speeds you can reach.

Have you got the mettle to race the Vortex Track? Especially when one of the features of the track is a deep curve with a steep bank of 32 degrees. Have fun navigating that one! Also, race against family members or friends as well as complete strangers too. Who will get the fastest lap time?

Dining at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

NY Burger Dining at Fun Spot America Kissimmee

NY Burger Company Dining at Fun Spot America Kissimmee. Having adequate seating for visitors outside of the diner is great. Mostly, aimed at fast food to go. Also, for a classic burger and fries they are very reasonably priced too. There is a good range of food to choose from and everything is easy to consume on the go.

Counter service is fast and no hassle as well as the staff being friendly too. Also, soft drinks as well as other refreshments are available too. Take advantage of delicious foods and grab yourself a burger. Enjoy the cool refreshments that you can take away.