Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando
Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando

Disney's Animal KingdomSituated in the heart of Orlando is the beautiful Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Where wild and exotic animals roam free at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with natural elegance and charm as well as their beauty. Animal Kingdom is part of the Walt Disney World Resort Florida. The fourth Disney park first opened their gates to the World in April, 1998 and soon saw multiple millions of visitors from across the globe arriving daily. Priding the park on animal conservation, Animal Kingdom is magnificent. Perfect for families and holidaymakers in Florida. There is plenty to do here at Animal Kingdom. Hence the reason why, this is such a busy place and draws in visitors and holidaymakers from all over the world.

As you would expect there are animals in every region of the park as well as fine dining establishments and attractions to keep the tourists entertained. Take time out at the gift shops and concession stands, which can be found throughout Animal Kingdom. Watch live shows and performances in-between exploring the park. Also, take the opportunity to see Animal Kingdom in the evening, where the park is alight with projections and glowing lights. It is both stunning and beautiful, not to mention a bit cooler too.

Regions of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is vast in size, 580 acres to be precise. Being the largest theme park in the whole World, is no understatement, it is huge! Divided separately into seven regions, all of a proportionate size too. Afica and Asia are beautiful regions of the park. DinoLand USA and Discovery Island are great regions to explore. Oasis and Pandora regions are stunningly beautiful, take in the marvellous sights here. Finally, Rafiki’sPlanet Watch region is full of adventure and fun. Explore with the family each region of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and see which one is your favourite. Each region features their own diverse attractions and entertainment as well as dining and shopping experiences. be sure to explore them all.

Africa Region of Animal Kingdom

Asia Region of Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island

DinoLand USA

Main Entrance