Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney's Blizzard Beach
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Theme Park
Blizzard Beach
Disney’s Blizzard Beach

The amazing Disney’s Blizzard Beach water theme park sits at the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort located in Bay Lake, Orlando in Florida. In 1995, Disney’s Blizzard Beach water theme park opened to the public after the idea of sliding down the mountain through gushing slushy snow was born. Topping over two million visitors after opening Disney’s Blizzard Beach was a huge success, seeing tourists and vacationers coming from worldwide to slide the mountain. Pools heated to 27 degrees Celsius amidst the snowy dips and coloured slopes have proven to be very popular for families looking for watery adventures in Orlando. Hence the reason why, the water theme park is incredibly popular with visitors.

Walt Disney is famous for designing parks with children, families and safety in mind. Blizzard Beach is no exception! For example, small children (under 48″ to be precise) have exclusive access to a unique pool featuring child sized slides as well as a beautiful snow castle fountain to enjoy in their own warm water park. With reasonably priced admission tickets and food establishments for the whole family, Blizzard Beach could easily keep families entertained for the whole day. Don’t forget to look for Goofy here too! He has been known to venture through Blizzard Beach on the lookout for families taking photographs.

Mount Gushmore

Mount Gushmore
Mount Gushmore

Right at the top of staggering Mount Gushmore is where the magical adventure begins. As well as, where most of the Disney watery attractions are situated. 90 feet high above the ground level, from the top of Mount Gushmore is the start of your water fun-filled experience here at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Race the family to the top and take in the breathtaking scenery from high above Blizzard Beach before descending the watery slopes. Splashing out into heated pools waiting as you reach the bottom. Exciting and fun; two words that sum up the water park. 

Also, there are chairlifts are on hand to transport families one way to the top of Mount Gushmore throughout the course of the day. However, only disabled passengers can take the chairlift ride back to the bottom. As well as pedestrian access; for those families who prefer walking up mountain too.

What are the Attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach?

Greeting you at the base of Mount Gushmore are three coloured slopes. Adventuring and exploring the coloured slopes and attractions starts here. Each slope differs slightly and featuring their own rides and attractions makes them unique too. Also, tripling the fun when exploring. I wonder, which coloured slope had your favourite attractions? Check out the information and find out what resides on each slope. 

Green Slope Attractions

Purple Slope Attractions

Red Slope Attraction