ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

ESPN Wide World Of Sports
ESPN Wide World Of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is part of the Walt Disney World Resort. Located in Bay Lake, close to Orlando, Florida. Visitors to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will not be disappointed with the vast amount of sporting experiences found here.

The athletics complex boasts a whopping 22 acres which is phenomenal. It is huge! Formerly known as Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, in 2010 it re-branded. After a major upgrade to the complex and re-branding, Disney became ESPN. Also, ESPN being a Disney owned brand too. The launch of ESPN re-branding was very successful. The complex sees thousands of visitors travelling world wide to be here. During the 2014 soccer season, the ESPN complex was used for training camps and was home turf for the Orlando City Soccer Club.

Comprising of nine different venues spread throughout the complex. ESPN has a lot to offer the visitors too. Hosting regular professional sports events through the year has proved successful for Disney. Keeping family sports fans entertained. Also, hosting amateur athletic events through the outdoor season has covered the whole range of athletics. Often a great reason for family visits too. Varsity matches are played here also. For example, the Pop Warner Cheerleader Competition is very well attended. Students regularly have excursions here to train and learn. Bring the family to ESPN and check out some of the nine unique venues.

Nine Venues

Champion Stadium (Venue 1) – Baseball stadium that seats 9500 people. Atlanta Braves spring training takes place here at the Champion Stadium. Also, home to the Gulf Coast Braves. Sponsored by Hanes, the stadium in the past hosted Major League Baseball.

HP Field House (Venue 2) – Huge multi-purpose arena that seats 5000 people. Hosted here each year is the AdvoCare Invitational. This is the college basketball tournament. To the rear of the arena is a small gymnasium with extra seating.

Visa Center (Venue 3) – Smaller arena seating 1200 people. Inside the arena are basketball and volleyball courts. Also, there are two roller hockey rinks too.

Marathon Sports Fields (Venue 4) – Range of multi-purpose fields. Seating up to 1500 people. With the majority being soccer and baseball. Multi-purpose outfields are available too. Sponsored by Marathon Corporation this venue once saw Tampa Bay Buccaneers train here for six seasons. Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic  is hosted here too.

Baseball Quadraplex (Venue 5) – Dedicated to baseball of course. Four full sized baseball fields dominate the quadraplex. Also, there is a practice infield here. All of the training accessories are here too. For example, pitching machines and mounds as well as batting and hitting tunnels too.

Softball Diamondplex (Venue 6) – Was the original venue created at ESPN’s complex. Here, you can find six softball and baseball fields.

Center Court Stadium (Venue 7) – Superb tennis complex seating up to 8500 people. There are ten courts here in total too.

Cross Country Course (Venue 8) – Outdoor field. Attached to the Track and Field Complex. Featuring wooded trails and plenty of space to train and run too.

Track and Field Complex (Venue 9) – Athletics Stadium. Purely for athletics and seats 500 people too. Conforming to Association of Athletics Federations standards, the facility hosts some international athletics meets.


Admission tickets are reasonably priced at $17.50 for adults and $12.50 for children aged between 3 and 9 years old. Also, some events held at Champion Stadium may cost slightly more. But still allows the same complex entry entitlements too. To eat at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill you would have to buy a ticket too. Also, visit the Clubhouse Gift Shop for special merchandise. Tickets are not required to enter the gift shop.

Invictus Games 2016

2016, saw the launch of the Invictus Games at ESPN. Prince Harry created and attended the Invictus Games opening ceremony. During 2016, Invictus was hosted by ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Putting the Florida attraction complex securely on the map.

Held at the Champion Stadium in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. Televised live by ESPN and watched by millions of viewers across the world, Invictus Games was a huge success for Florida and brought the state both revenue and culture.

The complex was completely full with visitors that travelled world wide. They saw 14 unique countries competing in their own disciplines too. Invictus was a massive competition to be held here at ESPN. Hence the reason why, those tourists who attended return here regularly. Visits to Champion Stadium are very busy, but well worth trip to see the place where Prince Harry brought the Invictus Games to Florida.