Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is part of the Walt Disney World resort Florida and was the third Disney park to be built there. Located in Bay Lake, near to Orlando in Florida. Doubling as both theme park and production studios make it exciting too. The park itself is huge and hosts many attractions and rides. Popularity has made Hollywood Studios a desirable place to visit. Holidays in Florida would not be the same without a visit to a Disney theme park. Hence the reason why, Disney’s Hollywood Studios sees multiple thousands of visitors from all over the world daily. Travelling the globe for the ultimate Disney experience.

Divided into seven regions makes exploring Hollywood Studios even more exciting. The scale of the park is enormous and could take more than one day to explore. Hence why, Disney built hotels around the resort. Each separate region of the theme park has plenty of action. All regions have shops and concession stalls. Also, fine dining experiences are scattered. Of course, themed rides and attractions are in each region too.