Congo River Golf Kissimmee

Congo River Golf Kissimmee in Florida
Congo River Golf Kissimmee in Florida

Congo River Golf KissimmeeCongo River Golf Kissimmee in Florida is miniature and adventure golf course with a twist. Not only does it have an amazing course, but also features other attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Altogether an awesome family day out, where golfing is not too serious, but fun! Congo River Golf is perfect for all walks of life and sees couples and friends as well as families playing rounds together. For example, families have great fun here. The staff here at Kissimmee are fantastic, very friendly and helpful too. Hence the reason why, the courses see so many returning golfers each year.

Also, returning couples venture back to us. as well as seeing plenty of retirees and local people too. Test out you golf skills without the pressure of having to be perfect. Miniature golf has never been so good. As being part of a group, Congo River has many other adventure golf courses through out Florida. Each has the same standards. The courses are regularly maintained and updated and the landscapes are cultured flawlessly.

Congo River Golfing

River Golf Course
Congo River Golf kissimmee

Situated in the heart of Florida, Congo River Golf kissimmee is fantastic for a pit stop between the theme parks. Kissimmee’s Congo River Golf really has remarkable courses with plenty to see and enjoy whilst you venture round. There a stunning gigantic waterfalls to look out for as well as varying heights of rocky terrains. Also, explore the curious caves in the location as well as trekking through the beautiful tropics of a rain-forest. Congo River Golf Kissimme is truly beautiful as well as fun.

Featuring two different 18 hole courses makes Kissimmee golfing double the fun for the holidaymakers to Florida. Reasonably priced for a fun family day out in Florida and perfect for a treat for the family. Finding the daytime temperature a little too hot? Evenings are cooler and less busy than the daytime and the golf course stays open till around 11pm. Try out the golfing at night, it’s spectacular.

Live Alligators at Congo River Golf

River Golf  Live Alligators
River Golf Live Alligators

Live Alligators are lurking here at Congo River Golf Kissimmee and you too can come and see them. living here at the golf course the alligators love to swim and glide through the waters of their enclosure. Not only can you observe these beautiful beasts, but you can also purchase special foods here to feed them. Watch them snap and writhe into action as you feed the live alligators.

Housed here inside the Congo River Golf are twenty five alligators. Some are only babies that are great fun to feed. There are fully matured alligators too that are huge in size, but still it’s a great experience to feed them too. There is a small charge to feed the alligators here at Congo River Golf, but it’s well worth it. see your little ones feeding the alligators is a moment to catch on camera too. perfect for a quick selfie feeding a gator in Florida. dare you feed the gators in Kissimmee?

Gem Mining at Congo River Golf

Gem Mining at Congo River Golf
Gem Mining at Congo River Golf Kissimmee

Bring the family Gem Mining at Congo River Golf Kissimmee. Here you can pan for gems and minerals at the Gemstone Panning Shed. This is a superb idea for the family. Can you uncover buried gems and treasures here? Yes you possibly could!

Take a pan and get your materials from the panning shed, bring them along to the sluice where the course staff will show you how to pan. Once ready all you have to do it wash away the debris and mud to find the gems that were hidden. Even better than that you get to take home the gems that you find in the pans. try the gem mining for yourself at Congo river Golf.

Paddle Boats at Congo River Golf

River Golf Paddle Boats
River Golf Paddle Boats

Take to the waters in paddle boats at Congo River Golf Kissimmee. Perfect for a little family fun on the lake. also, check out the hidden caves where you can paddle too. They are totally mysterious and adventure awaits with exploration. Featuring beautifully crafted paddle boats ready at the waters edge. Let the water adventure begin. Relax on the lake and paddle away in between golfing.

The paddle boats mostly have two seats so couples can also enjoy an adventure on the lake and through the caves too. Also, be on the look-out for the spectacular waterfalls on your journey. Explore the lake and take in the beautiful natural scenery and perfectly landscaped areas. Adding a tranquil and serene atmosphere to the river golf experience. Take your time with the paddle boats too as there is no rush to take in the beauty of Kissimmee from the water. Have you explored the mysterious caves yet? Take the family on the paddle boats and see where your adventure takes you!