Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach is located in the south of Anna Maria Island and always busy; a popular city too, due to the beautiful beaches on its doorstep. Plus, the lively collection of shops, cafés and bars keep the vacationers entertained, fed and watered. The island life culture shines through the city and is clear to see in every street and shop that you pass. As you traverse the streets and explore the city, Bridge Street is perfect for shopping and browsing. Little craft shops and jewellery stores can be found here. As well as clothing and apparel shops, more bars and cafés. Plus, Bridge Street leads onto the historic pier that overlooks the perfectly clear waters and panoramic views.

Bradenton Beach - Anna Maria Island
Bradenton Beach – Anna Maria Island

Conveniently, Bradenton Beach has a connecting bridge that links Anna Maria Island to Cortez in mainland Florida. Besides the vacationers and local people being able to travel to the mainland, the Cortez bridge also allows mainland tourists to visit Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria Island. Welcoming the trade means that the local economy carries on thriving and Bradenton Beach remains a popular destination to stay on the island. Conveniently, wherever you stay on Anna Maria Island, there are two free buses that run on donations and pass through the coastal city frequently.

Travel Guide

Follow the Bradenton Beach Guide and learn all about the city before you arrive for your vacation. Our intention is to help you look up and navigate using the Guide before your all-important vacation, trip or short visit. Plus, it is always handy to know what to expect before you arrive on Anna Maria Island.

Bradenton Beach Anna Maria Island
Bradenton Beach Access Point Anna Maria Island

There are two beaches here. Firstly, is its namesake beach that has masses of soft white sands and glistening blue waters that lap the shores. Operating on the beach alongside the lifeguards are rental companies that set up and clear away your beach day out for you. Also, there are public conveniences nearby in the city and shops for beach apparel or supplies should you need them.

Secondly, Coquina Beach shares the same lush white sands and clear blue waters. However, there is a more tropical feel to Coquina Beach as it is more secluded than Bradenton Beach. Conveniently, Coquina Beach is a definite beauty spot, and the encasing landscape only adds to the attraction of the beach here. Offshore you can see the bottlenose dolphins playing in their natural habitats. As you would expect, there are modern conveniences nearby, shaded picnic tables and public toilets. Occasionally, there is a small market that operates in the car park too.