Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Housing three attractions, the Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is exciting. A must visit region of the theme park which has to be experienced. Perfect for family fun with three exciting rides to try out here. two of the rides have height restrictions to be aware of too. Sadly, there are no animal encounters at the Congo region of the park. Also, there are no dining areas or gift shops either. The three rides do make up for this as each one is unique and exhilarating. The rides are the famous Congo River Rapids and Kumba Roller Coaster as well as the Serengeti Express train. Stop by the Congo region and see for yourself how exciting the rides are. Which rides will you try out at Congo? Do the thrills meet your expectations? Dare you try them all? Only one way to find out. try them out when you visit the Congo region.

Congo River Rapids – Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Congo River Rapids at Congo

Congo River Rapids at the Congo is an exhilarating family white water rafting experience. There is a height restriction in place on this ride. Having to be more than one metre tall to ride the Congo River Rapids, which may limit some of the younger audience. The circular raft seats up to twelve people comfortably. Allowing you to swirl about in the currents on a terrific journey through the Congo. You will get wet as you venture through waterfalls and even a spooky cave. Family water adventure at it’s best! Dodging water jets and splashing around as you twirl in the raft makes this experience exciting for the family too. Dare you ride the Congo River Rapids?

Kumba Roller Coaster – Congo Region at Busch Gardens TampaBay

Kumba Roller Coaster at Congo Region
Kumba Roller Coaster at Congo

The Kumba Roller Coaster at the Congo is awesome, you have to try it. Taking its name from the roar sound that is heard when riding the Kumba. The Kumba Roller Coaster is an extreme thrill ride that does not disappoint. There is a height restriction on the Kumba limiting some of the youngsters. You have to be 1.4 metres tall to ride on the Kumba Roller Coaster I’m afraid. The ride itself features thrill seeking qualities. For example, dropping a sheer 135 feet before experiencing a loop of 360 degrees. Weightless for a few seconds as you ride the loop. Named by tourists as one of the worlds best Roller Costers makes the Kumba a must do experience.

Serengeti Express Train – Congo Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Serengeti EXpress Train

Serengeti Express Train at the Congo provides a relaxing journey through the park. There are no height restrictions on board the Serengeti Express. Hence the reason why, the whole family can ride together on the Serengeti Express Train. Making its way through Busch Gardens Tampa Bay at a relaxing pace. You really get to unwind and take in the sights as you pass through the beauty of the park. Which animals you can see from the Serengeti Express Train? Featuring stops along the way the ride is broken down to family pace. For example, stopping at the Congo and Nairobi as well as Stanleyville. You can hop on and off  the Serengeti Express when you please to explore further. The giraffes you pass are hard to miss due to their height. Also, be on the lookout for the antelopes which are harder to spot.