Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The gorgeous Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has been themed beautifully on the traditional Moroccan culture. In Morocco Region, there is plenty to see and do. Sadly, there are no rides in this area of the park though. However, despite this there is a grand theatre where you can watch live performances. Three separate animal encounters can be found in Morocco region. As well as dining facilities and gift shops where you can purchase take home treats and souvenirs. For the animal encounters there are gorillas to watch and the cheeky chimpanzees are very entertaining. As well as the primates you can also see the alligators, snakes and reptiles. Altogether a great mix of entertainment is found in the Morocco Region of Busch Gardens.

Moroccan Palace Theatre – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Moroccan Palace Theater in Morocco

Moroccan Palace Theatre at the Morocco Region is an elegant building hosting live shows and entertainment suitable for the whole family. Experience amazing performances from the all seated Moroccan Palace Theatre. Being wheelchair friendly too, the theatre is accommodating for all. With regular showings throughout each day, the live shows are easy to catch. To avoid any disappointment then reservations can be made in advance, but are not always necessary. Each season features a new live show and 2018 season is set to be great. Featuring the brand new show called ‘Turn It Up!’. A fabulous ice skating performance.

Alligators – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Alligators at Morocco Region
Alligators at Morocco

The Alligators in the Morocco Region of the park dwell together in the coastal enclosure. There is nothing quite as fearsome as a full grown alligator in it’s natural habitat. Well worth a visit though. Basking in the Florida sunshine, the alligators lurk around the murky waters in search of a meal. Predators by nature, they certainly know how to hunt and survive. Alligators only eat meat in their diets and their huge teeth tear through both flesh and bone too. They are extremely tough predators in the wild.

Snakes – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Snakes at Morocco
Snakes at Morocco

Slithering Snakes at the Morocco Region of the park come in many varieties. Some snakes are venomous and deadly. Other snakes pose no threat. Watch them slither and glide through the shared waters of their habitat. Snakes, like the alligators are carnivores. This means that they only eat meat. Unlike the alligators, the snake swallows the whole animal up in one go and then rests in the sunshine whilst it’s amazing stomach muscles constrict and digest it’s food. The different varieties of snakes here are not always easy to see. Ask a member of the staff to point some out for you. Then, observe the snakes in action as they slither and hiss.

Chimpanzees – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa bay

Chimpanzees at Morocco Region
Chimpanzees at Morocco

Visit the adorable Chimpanzees here at the Morocco Region of Busch Gardens. Housed in their own natural habitat called the Myombe Reserve. Come along and watch the cheeky chimpanzees as they play and learn at the park. These amazing primates are very intelligent and are regarded as being close DNA type to humans. Like us, the chimpanzees can think and learn from experiences that they have. They come up with solutions to problems and adapt quickly to their surroundings and visitors. Sadly, as yet there are no insider tours that go behind the scenes with the chimpanzee. However, you can be inquisitive and ask the friendly staff members for more information. Settle your curiosities about these sociable primates.

Gorillas – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Gorillas at Morocco Region
Gorillas at Morocco

Huge Gorillas are here too at the Myombe Reserve in the Morocco Region. They are by far the largest of the primate family. Gorillas here are strong and powerful and share many characteristics with humans. The Myombe Reserve here at Busch gardens is the perfect place for gorilla species. Gorillas like to be on the ground mostly and eat a diet of various fruits and vegetation. Hence the reason why, they are herbivores. They are not as sociable as other primates, but they are well worth visiting. There is a tour of the gorilla sanctuary called ‘Gorilla Insider Tour’. Go behind the scenes and see the gorillas interact with their surroundings to organise living areas. Age restrictions in place here in the gorilla sanctuary. Children under 10 years are prohibited due to safety. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by a paying adult. Reservations are advisable to avoid disappointment.

Dining – Morocco Region at Busch Gardens Tampa bay

Zagora Cafe Dining at Morocco Region
Zagora Cafe Dining at Morocco

For family dining at the Morocco Region of Busch Gardens, check out Zagora Cafe. featuring a good range of American themed cuisine for all to enjoy. Zagora Cafe offers dining for the family inside the premises as well as on the patio outside. Tables are shaded with umbrellas too. Serving freshly grilled foods the menu is boasting a large choice. Choose from hamburgers and fajita wraps as well as hot and cold sandwiches too. The Zagora Cafe offers a fast food service. As well as serving hot and cold beverages, over 21 year old’s can also have ice cold beers served at the bar too.